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Hi, we are Patrick and Patricia...

We are platypuses living in the Werribee River and Lerderderg River in Bacchus Marsh. We have other platypus friends living in these rivers too, and in other parts of Moorabool Shire.

If you look carefully, you might see us early in the morning or at dusk, swimming in the river through Peppertree Park.

We eat macroinvertebrates – that means small water animals that don’t have a spine. This includes insect larvae, water beetles, shrimps, worms, and more.
If insecticides, oil and detergent kill our food, we don’t have enough to eat.


We sleep in burrows in the side of the river bank. Tree roots and overhanging plants help protect our burrows.

Platypuses and echidnas are the only egg-laying mammals in the world! Female platypuses lay eggs in a nesting burrow. The mother produces milk to feed her babies.

We get tangled up easily in elastic hair bands, fishing line, and other rings and strings. We also drown if we get caught in enclosed yabby nets (now illegal).

We need your help to keep us safe.

Find out more here.

You can also download a brochure about us here.

Report a platypus sighting here.

Further information about platypuses:

You can find further information about platypuses at the Australian Platypus Conservancy website (including, "what is the plural of platypus?!").

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