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"Platypus Next Door" program

Did you know you have platypuses living next door?!

If you live in Bacchus Marsh, Ballan or other areas that have platypuses, your roof, yard and street are connected to the platypuses' home (the river) via pipes and drains! Anything on the ground can end up in the platypus' home, even if you don't live near the river. Find out more about this here.

What is the "Platypus Next Door" program?

Platypuses are exciting, cute and interesting neighbours to have! The "Platypus Next Door" program aims to help community members look after these platypus neighbours, through information sessions, habitat walks and a "Platypus Next Door" brochure (downloadable here).


How you can help look after your local platypuses:

To help the water travel into the river more gently, through natural aquifers underground:

  • Install a rainwater tank

  • Plant gardens with deep-rooted plants (e.g. local native species)

  • Reduce concrete surfaces (e.g. use pavers or compressed gravel instead)


To protect platypuses from getting tangled and hurt:

  • Cut and bin circular-shaped rubbish & string

  • Pick up elastic hair bands

To reduce toxins and help protect platypus food:

  • Clean up oil spills

  • Wash car at a car wash facility (instead of at home)

  • Pick up pet poop

    DON’T use pesticides/insecticides
    DON’T tip oil or paint down the drain

(Download a brochure with this information here).

How your roof, yard and street connect with the platypus' home...


Find out more about our other project areas below...

Platy Next Door icon for website_25May2022.jpg

For community members - Find out how you can help our local platypuses.


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For builders & developers - Find out how you can keep our platypuses safe.


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Celebrating the special rivers, plants & animals of the Bacchus Marsh area.


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Monitoring platypuses, water quality & litter in Bacchus Marsh waterways.


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