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Bacchus Marsh Platypus Alliance (BMPA) is a not-for-profit community association which aims to:

  • Protect platypus, their habitat and food sources in waterways of Bacchus Marsh and surrounds.

  • Monitor water quality and presence of platypus in waterways of Bacchus Marsh and surrounds.

  • Educate and engage with the local community in Bacchus Marsh and surrounds, regarding the special features, needs and protection of the platypus and general river health.

  • Advocate for healthy river systems which will support viability of our platypus populations, as well as benefiting other native fauna and the local community.

  • Collaborate with other groups and organisations in achieving the above aims.


BMPA is run by volunteers. The alliance formed in mid-2019, in response to new threats facing platypus populations in Bacchus Marsh.

Find out more about our projects here.

Find out about joining Bacchus Marsh Platypus Alliance here.

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