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Our Projects

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"Clean Site for Platypus" program

The "Clean Site for Platypus" program aims to help builders and developers in Bacchus Marsh protect our local platypuses, by containing construction waste and sediment on site.


Containing construction waste on site is important to stop it blowing or flowing into the Werribee River and Lerderderg River, where it can entangle and kill platypuses.

Preventing sediment runoff into drains and waterways is important because sediment kills the macroinvertebrates which platypuses eat, making it hard for our local platypuses to survive.

Tradies and home builders - we need your help to keep our local platypuses safe, so they can continue to be admired and enjoyed into the future.

If you would like to pledge to be a Clean Site For Platypus, or to find out more, please email us at


Find out more about our other project areas below...

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For community members - Find out how you can help our local platypuses.


Clean site platy on light blue background2_25May2022.jpg

For builders & developers - Find out how you can keep our platypuses safe.


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Celebrating the special rivers, plants & animals of the Bacchus Marsh area.


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Monitoring platypuses, water quality & litter in Bacchus Marsh waterways.


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